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solar PV inspections Nov15

Are Random Solar PV Inspections Effective & Low Cost?

In addition to strong disincentives for sloppy and unsafe work, we need regular, trustworthy, and independent inspections of solar power systems. If done correctly, random Solar System inspections will be nearly equally successful at purging the industry of subpar installers as checking every system, while keeping the cost of solar PV inspections down. Frequency Of …

Solar Power in Victoria Oct31

A Guide to Solar Power in Victoria

Australia’s energy sector is changing quickly. Solar, storage, and other renewable energy technologies are empowering individuals and families to become less reliant on large-scale fossil fuel producers to meet their electrical needs. Already, hundreds of thousands of families are saving money on their electricity bills via solar power in Victoria. The cost of solar panels …

victoria solar waste challenge Oct31

Victoria Launches Solar Waste Challenge

The official launch of Breakthrough Victoria’s $10 million Solar Waste Challenge took place in the first week of October 2022. This challenge was being held in an effort to identify innovative ways of recycling solar waste in terms of the recovery of resources. Breakthrough Victoria An autonomous corporation is in charge of managing a $2 …

solar panel reduce carbon footprint Sep27

How You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Solar Power

Simple Definition of Carbon Footprint The term “carbon footprint” can be defined as the total amount of greenhouse gases released within a year in the environment by activities directly or indirectly performed by a firm, government, product or individuals. Why Excessive GreenHouse Gases Harmful? GHGs have the tendency to retain heat for a long time …

solar power batteries system Sep22

How Much Can You Save With a Solar Battery Storage System?

For energy-conscious customers and environment lovers, home battery storage systems are a hot topic to discuss. Storing the electricity they create is always a wise choice if you already have solar panels installed on your roof. When the grid fails or it’s foggy, taking such measures can assist ensure a steady supply of electricity. Before …

solar panel victoria Aug29

Notice to Market for Solar Panel Victoria 2022–23 Published

For retailers and solar PV system installers in Victoria taking part in Victoria’s Solar Homes and Solar Panel Victoria for Business Programs, statutory and suggested standards for 2022–2023 have just been released. Here is a rundown of the current situation. What does a Notice to Market mean? The Solar Panel Victoria Notice to Market clearly …

Commercial Solar Energy Aug22

The Benefits of Installing a Commercial Solar Energy System in 2023

Among the renewable energy industries with the strongest growth rates globally over the last decade is solar energy, which is steadily gaining traction in nations like Australia. Australia receives a lot of sunshine because of its closeness to the equator, which increases its capacity to produce sufficient solar energy to power the entire country. Furthermore, …

solar panels Jul15

Best Ways To Enhance The Efficiency Of Solar Panels

The use of renewable energy is not new. However, given the looming threat that climate change poses to the future of the entire world, it has recently drawn greater attention. More and more people, nations, and corporations are now attempting to support it. The demand for solar panels in Victoria is also on the rise.  …

Home Solar Systems Jun28

Facts Regarding Home Solar Systems

The majority of people are looking for renewable energy sources to substitute fossil-based energy generation and ensure a safe and constant flow of electricity to their homes and businesses as the global energy crisis worsens. These recent occurrences, in combination with rising environmental concerns, are bolstering the argument for alternate clean energy sources. Solar panels …

Solar EV Charging Melbourne May31

Solar EV Charging: Facts You Need To Know

Electric vehicles, or EVs, as of now, make up a small proportion of all vehicles sold all over the world. However, EV adoption is predicted to rise this decade, with major manufacturers presently developing electric cars and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). Numerous drivers are now considering an EV for their next vehicle purchase, although concerns regarding …

solar Panels victoria May19

Why Is It A Good Idea To Get Solar On Finance?

Are you thinking about going solar? There are various reasons why that’s a smart choice to make. The prime reason is you’ll be cash positive from the very start. But, several individuals drop the idea of solar panels installation just because of the huge upfront cost. Well, there is a solution to it, too, i.e., …


Victorian Government’s Solar On Public Buildings Program: Lowering Electricity Bills for Victorians

The installation of batteries and solar panel systems in Victoria under the Victorian Government’s Solar on Public Buildings Program has resulted in lower electricity costs for Victorians. Let’s Throw Some Light On It Lily D’Ambrosio, the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, said that 50 locations had solar panels installed as part of the …

life of solar panels Apr08

What is The Lifespan of Solar Panels? Life Expectancy of Solar Panels Explained

Homeowners, as well as businesses all around the globe, are becoming more concerned about living a more sustainable lifestyle. Going solar is the most cost-effective option to shift to green, renewable power while also drastically lowering, or perhaps eliminating, your monthly electricity expenses. It’s essential to comprehend the lifespan of solar panels before deciding whether …


Australia Achieves A Significant Global Solar Milestone

With the growth of solar electricity, Australia has become a renewable energy superpower. Rising power bills during COVID-19 prompted house and business owners around the country to rush towards solar panels used to alleviate the financial strain. This has resulted in Australia becoming a rising solar energy hub.  According to a recent study from the …


Australian Solar Rebate Phase Out In 2022

Fossil fuels are rapidly decreasing; therefore, it’s time to reconsider our options and switch to renewable sources of energy.  The sun is an infinite energy source that will never get exhausted, making it the best option for generating power. Therefore, we must begin to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and maximize solar energy consumption. …

solar panels Dec20

Reasons Why You Should Install Solar Panels In Your Home

Solar panels use sunlight to generate electricity. It is a clean and renewable source of energy that you can use to heat the home, cook food, power your appliances and enjoy in many other ways in daily life. More & more people are installing best solar panels Victoria in their homes to reduce their utility …

solar panels Dec16

Do Homes With Solar Panels Sell Faster?

Are you looking for ways to sell your home faster and finding options to add some value to your property prior to selling it? Well, adding a pool or garage may seem good to add value to the home, but a better option is also there in the form of solar energy. Solar energy is …

solar system Nov29

Should You Be Upgrading Existing Solar Systems?

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, and homeowners are taking notice. Homeowners across the country are migrating to clean, green solar energy to save money and help the environment be more sustainable. If you haven’t taken a plunge into solar yet, you might be wondering if it’s the right choice for you or …

Hybrid Inverter Solar Nov24

A Definitive Guide to Hybrid Inverter Solar System

Hybrid Solar Inverter is a combination of a traditional grid-tied inverter and battery inverter in a single package. It optimizes the energy of residential solar panels system for consumption & storage. Hybrid systems reduce reliance on the electric grid and provide backup power when the grid is down. There are several types of inverters available …


Choosing Solar Companies in Melbourne: 6 Things To Consider

Making the transition to solar is a huge choice, and it comes with a big question: which company should I choose to install my solar system and how? With so many solar businesses to choose from, the job of selecting a solar retailer and installer might be difficult. Therefore, if you're unsure where to start …

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