Why More People Are Turning To Solar Power in Victoria?

There’s a solar revolution happening in Victoria and it’s happening on the rooftops of Victorian citizens. More and more households and businesses are installing solar systems and this number is increasing every year. The change happened when Victoria state introduced its citizens a rebate scheme. By Installing Solar Power System, customers will save millions on their power bills over the next decades. Also, the scheme is bringing benefits in other areas, generating new jobs within the renewable energy sector.

The solar energy future continues to look bright in Victoria. The Data indicates that more than 508,796 systems (less than 100kW) had been installed in Victoria by December 31, 2020. Victoria doesn’t lead the states in this regard, but it is expected to rise the Solar Power Victoria rapidly as the Solar Homes program evolves.

An Initiative By The Government

In August 2018, the Victorian government declare an initiative whereby it would provide profuse subsidy on solar power systems. This is in addition to Australia’s major PV subsidy and any other program Victorians may be eligible for. The initiative was named, the Solar Homes Package and it aims to see a total of one million families with solar panels on their rooftops over a decade.

Currently, approx. 20.9% of residents in Victoria have solar panels and this percentage will grow only – and quite rapidly if given interest.

Added to the generous motivations on offer, system owners in Victoria can be paid for the excess electricity they export to the mains grid. This can be done by the mechanism called a feed-in tariff.

Reasons To Go For The Solar Power In Victoria

1. Environmental Benefits Of Solar Panels

Once assembled, your solar panels will generate clean, renewable energy for your home. The installation of a 6.6kW solar system will reduce greenhouse gas release by over 250 tonnes in its lifetime in Victoria. Solar panels reduce air pollution, as there are no pollutants analogous with the generation of solar power.

2. Save Money And Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Solar panels are financially worth it in almost every instance. A solar powered home in Victoria can save you as much as $1,200 – $2,000 per year, and will remarkably reduce your electricity bills. Payback periods for solar panel systems can be as low as four years and are typically not longer than 7 years.

If you buy quality components (tier 1), your solar panels can deliver savings for 25 years or more. Lifetime savings of solar panels can be greater than $50,000. Our solar savings calculator will help you estimate your financial benefits.

3. You Get A Discount On Your Purchase

When you buy a new solar system in Victoria, you will receive a solar panel discount that will reduce the cost of your purchase. Discounts can typically save you around $3,700 off the cost of a new solar system.

4. You Get Paid For Your Excess Solar Energy

You will get paid whenever energy gets exported from your solar system back to the electricity grid. For every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy export, you will collect a feed-in tariff from your electricity board.

5. Solar Panels Require Little Maintenance

After installation of the solar system. It will require very little maintenance. Generally, solar panels do not even need to be cleaned. The inverter may need replacing after 10 – 15 years, but this is the only additional cost you may experience throughout your system’s life.

6. Solar Batteries And Energy Independence

You can be energy independent thanks to the solar battery. Batteries stores your excess solar energy for later use, thus reducing your dependency on the electricity grid. The storage system has a backup power function which will provide you with peace of mind and electricity when the grid goes down.

Going solar will help you change the future

Solar power is an enormous source of directly using energy and eventually creating other energy resources like biomass, wind, hydropower, and wave energy.

Solar panels will add to the value of your home. The sun is a powerful source that can help our planet by giving us clean, renewable energy to power our world. The use of this energy is free of charge, pollution-less, and if used wisely you can help us become independent from other more costly and impairing forms of power. The benefits of Solar PanelsVictoria will help to change the future for energy use. That's why more people are turning to Solar Power in Victoria.

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