Maintenance of Solar Panel Systems – A Complete Guide!

Solar panel systems are long-lasting and need no maintenance. But regular checkups will save you money in the long run and keep your panels looking clean and polished. For optimum efficiency and security, most solar panel maintenance processes require periodic inspections. So, let’s understand why, how, when, and who can maintain your solar panel system. 

Why Maintain Your Solar System?

It's important to keep the solar panel system well-maintained. Maintaining the solar panel system on a daily basis would ensure that it runs safely, properly, and effectively. 

Dust and dirt will accumulate on your solar panels over time, potentially compromising the efficiency of your solar panel system. Moreover, seepage of water and moisture, vermin, hail, wind, and sunlight will all harm or deteriorate the system. Therefore, with regular maintenance, you can ensure that the solar panel system is clean for those living on the property, as well as electrical staff operating on the network. 

How To Maintain Your Solar System?

There are two ways to maintain your solar system: 

  1. Cleaning Panels On Your Own

Don’t worry about cleaning if it rains regularly where you live. If not, watch for dirt and debris build-up. If there is a little snow, dust, debris on the roof, use a long-handled broom or a roof rake while wearing a protective mask. However, this is not advisable as it may get risky sometimes. So just move to the second option – hire a professional! 

  1. Hire Professional Cleaning Crew

The best option to do routine maintenance is to hire Solar Panel professionals. It will not only keep your panels looking good and working well, but it will also give you peace of mind when it comes to fire safety. They will also take care of batteries, charging, and anything beyond cleaning or refilling. 

When To Maintain Your Solar System? And How Often?

In terms of a full service, solar experts suggest that for high-quality, well-installed systems, getting the machine serviced once every five years should help. 

However, according to Clean Energy Council (CEC), your solar panel system should run through maintenance every year to keep yourself at the lowest risk. 

Who Can Maintain Your Solar System?

Unlike standard electrical devices, turning a solar panel system ‘off’ at the switch does not mean that the modules no longer face an electrical danger. Besides that, for roof-mounted systems, certain maintenance activities could be needed on the roof, posing additional risks. 


Therefore, solar panel systems can only be tested and operated by a licensed electrician or a solar panel system installer

What Does Solar Panel Maintenance Include?

Popular Solar panel maintenance services provide procedures for maintaining solar panels and solar power plants, such as:


  • Regular cleaning of solar panels

  • Regular maintenance of all thermal-based components

  • Annual inspection and maintenance of HT side facilities

  • Diagnosis and tests pertaining to low solar power production

  • Circuit testing and maintenance

  • Thermography and tracing of IV curves

  • A measure of earth value

  • Retro-commissioning

  • Management of warranties


With all of these services mentioned above, you can keep your solar panels producing at peak levels, while increasing your entire solar electric system's lifespan. 

So, do you need a professional for your solar panel maintenance? 

See, if you are in doubt whether your solar panel needs maintenance or not, here’s the tip – if you notice any abnormalities in your electric bill or system monitoring software that can’t be explained with added equipment or weather, your solar panels system needs maintenance. That’s a red sign for your system. In such a case, the only suitable option is to contact a solar maintenance company.   

At Sunburn Solar, we provide installation and maintenance services in Australia, so if you are looking for regular maintenance for your solar panels in near future, contact us on 1300 673 166 or write to us at at any time. We will reach you shortly! 

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