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A Definitive Guide to Hybrid Inverter Solar System

Hybrid Solar Inverter is a combination of a traditional grid-tied inverter and battery inverter in a single package. It optimizes the energy of residential solar panels system for consumption & storage. Hybrid systems reduce reliance on the electric grid and provide backup power when the grid is down.

There are several types of inverters available in the market. Let’s take a closer look at what types of options are available for you in the Australian market. The type of solar panels  you need depends upon the type of your solar power needs & requirements.

String Inverter or Grid-tied Inverter

String Inverters

The string inverter, which is a standard inverter, is a crucial aspect of almost all solar installations. It converts DC power by solar panels to AC power. All electrical appliances like tv, fridge, and the air conditioner run on AC current. If you want to use the energy of solar power, it is essential to install an inverter.

Battery Inverters

A battery inverter connects your battery to the solar panels and enables you to store the excess energy generated by your solar panels in Melbourne. It converts DC power from solar power to AC electricity. You can use the energy stored in the batteries during the night.

Hybrid Solar Inverters

Hybrid inverters combine the features of a traditional string inverter and a battery inverter into one bundle. The hybrid system can serve a dual purpose for you. If you are currently using a battery inverter, switching to a hybrid solar panel inverter could even add more savings to your electricity bills. 

Benefits of Installing a hybrid solar system

  • With a Hybrid Solar System, you have the power to be your own energy provider. It allows you to save electricity and money while increasing self-sustainability.
  • Hybrid Solar Inverter is perfect for smart homeowners who want to invest a little upfront & want to enjoy savings on energy costs.
  • A hybrid inverter saves you from the hassle of installing the second piece of equipment and saves you from doing all that wiring and setting up more inverters. There is no reason to spend money on another unit like a traditional battery inverter.
  • Hybrid Solar inverters enable you to monitor your solar power production and track usage from a single device. This feature makes it easier for homeowners to manage their energy usage.
  • In the future Hybrid Solar inverter solution in Australia will become a more common feature in households. If you are not using a hybrid solar inverter, it can cost you more labor and wiring in the future. 

Challenges of Hybrid Solar Inverter

You have probably heard that you can save on your electric bills, but what are the drawbacks of hybrid inverters? Hybrid inverters are pieces of equipment that require high operating costs.

  • Investing in a hybrid inverter means the purchase price will cost more than a string inverter.
  • Hybrid inverter technology is a system that allows you to increase the functionality of your solar system. In order to separately run your home during a blackout, you will need a separate set of batteries. If you install a hybrid inverter now, it does not mean that you cannot add a second battery down the track. It simply means that the current hybrid inverter will allow you to do so in the future when it suits you best.
  • You cannot use any old solar inverter with any old battery inverter system. In fact, most inverters will only work with specific battery storage solutions. If you want to add a battery later, you just can’t mix and match inverters and batteries.

Hopefully, you have learned a thing or two about the hybrid inverter solar solution. By now, you may be thinking: am I ready for this? If you are a first-time solar buyer, it makes sense to go for a string inverter, especially if you cannot afford to spend a lot of money upfront. However hybrid inverters would be a better option if you want your property to become energy self-sufficient.

With technology becoming increasingly attractive & sustainable, Hybrid Solar Inverters are now available for you to harness energy from renewable sources during the day then use it at night too.

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