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How Can Be Solar Panels Systems Installed on a Tile Roof

Mounting brackets attached to the roof’s rafters and a railing system are the most typical installation methods for tiled roofs. Tiles will need to be removed, modified, and replaced, but the work will be less intrusive than you may imagine. Let’s have a look at a comprehensive explanation of how to install solar panels systems in Melbourne on roofs with tiles.

Measurements and Verifications Prior to Installation

Measuring is the first step in every professional installation. The installers will evaluate your roof remotely or in person to decide where to set up the equipment depending on factors including available square footage, roof slope, and orientation. They will use this spot to take measurements before deciding where to install the railing brackets. The inverter and its connections are placed after a thorough roof inspection has been conducted.

Disassembling Tiles

The preliminary steps of installing solar panels on a tile roof vary slightly from the procedures used for other roofing materials. To get ready for installing the mounting brackets, the installers will first need to access your roof and remove a few tiles. Your solar panels’ railing length and width will determine which tiles will need to be removed during installation. When installing the brackets, the technicians may also need to make some minor alterations to the roof cavity.

Mounting Bracket Assembly

After double-checking the dimensions, the installers will fasten stainless steel mounting brackets to the ceiling rafters. Once the brackets are in place, the tiles can be replaced. The tiles will need to have their edges ground down or trimmed so that they can fit around the newly installed brackets. This will ensure that the roof is completely watertight. In addition, members of our installation staff will replace any tiles that are broken or damaged in any way.

Skilled workers will make sure the mounting brackets are securely fastened and the roof is still watertight. The installers of the solar power system will also, if necessary, flash and waterproof the area around the mounted panels.

Since tiled roofs are more uncommon, the initial effort of removing tiles and fixing the brackets may add a little bit to the total cost of the project. The size, shape, direction, and material of each roof, however, are universal truths. Before beginning any work, Sunburn Solar performs a comprehensive remote assessment and provides a fair quote. We take great care before installing your solar panel system so that you can reap the full benefits for many years. Talk to Sunburn Solar team about the specifics of installing solar panels, you’ll be eligible for a no-cost estimate.

The Rail System’s Setup

After the brackets are fastened, the rail system (or tile roof solar mount, for short) can be installed. The solar panels are secured to the roof using rails made of aluminium alloy that are fastened to brackets at regular intervals across the roof’s surface.

Your Tiled Roof And Installing Solar Panel In Victoria: A How-To

Now that we have laid the framework, we can begin installing the solar panels on the roof. Clips are used to link the panels to the mounting brackets, and these clips bolt onto the edge of the panels before sliding into metal rails. In the event that the spaces beneath the recently installed panels require access for repair, these uniquely engineered brackets make removal and access a breeze. The solar array has been successfully installed on the roof. Roofing regulations in Australia specify that the total weight of the tiles must be less than 22 kilos per square meter. Additional bracing might be necessary if you happen to call a cyclone zone home (very uncommon in Australia).

The elevated gap that exists between the panels and the tiles on the roof not only helps to keep the panels cool during the summer, but it also provides a pocket of circulation. We’ve written a comprehensive article on how solar panels can be used to keep your roof cool.

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Electrical Hookups

After addressing the question, “How are solar panels mounted on tile roofs?” Moving on to other components of the process of installing solar panels systems can now be accomplished.

Power wires laid flat beneath the panels are strung together as they go up. The inverter is reached by passing the “string” under a tile and through an opening in the roof. Installers will not only finish the work on the roof, but also take care of all the necessary wiring and electricity. You won’t need to mess with the inverter again unless it’s time for maintenance or you want to retrieve some data from it, neither of which will be necessary once the initial setup is done. Most up-to-date devices can send data to a mobile app or the cloud wirelessly.

The whole job of installation shouldn’t take more than a few days and won’t necessitate any structural changes to your house. The only adjustments needed are the removal and modification of tiles for the installation of mounting brackets and a route for the wiring to the inverter. In most cases, a simple hole drilled into the wall will suffice to provide a conduit for the wires.

Do Tile Roofs Prevent the Use of Solar Batteries?

Solar battery storage is something many homeowners are interested in learning more about to supplement the energy produced from the solar panels systems installed on their tiled roofs. The extra power your solar panels produce can be stored in batteries and used later, even when the sun isn’t out. As their capacity for storing energy grows and their sizes shrink, solar-powered energy storage systems become more practical and accessible. They can be quickly and painlessly combined with any system, whether new or old. It doesn’t matter what kind of roof you have, because solar batteries are often located close to the inverter and somewhere else around the house.

Bring in the Professionals

Sunburn Solar” is here to assist you in resolving any questions or concerns you may have regarding the process of installing solar panels systems on a tile roof, as well as answer any questions you may have regarding our solar panel installation services. We take great care of every roof that we work on, drawing on our years of industry experience, to ensure that our customers’ solar energy systems produce the highest possible yields.

We have a solution for you whether you are looking for solar panels, solar inverters, battery storage, or complete packages, so come to us with your needs. Get in touch with us right away if you have any questions about our offerings or would like to request a price estimate.

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