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Everything You Need to Know About Going Green With Solar Battery

With more and more people becoming vigilant about going green, an exponential hike can be seen in Australian households in the use of solar systems. It is right that solar batteries are a substantial investment, but with the increasing electricity charges and benefits of using a battery, solar battery prices seem economical.

Government-supported programs, like the Victoria’s Solar Homes program and the South Australia Home Battery Scheme, have also played a vital role in encouraging people to switch to solar batteries. Subsidies are given under these programs to the households who opt for battery storage. Motivated by this, approximately 29% of the overall home battery installation in 2020 was in South Australian homes. The schemes and programs have paved the path for virtual power plants too.

So, here is the breakdown of the things you need to know about solar batteries and why you should go for them.

Solar Batteries: All You Need To Know

A solar battery is no different from a standard battery. It works the same as other batteries you use in your phone, car, or other devices. The only difference that precludes solar batteries from others is that you create the electricity that they store.

The main aim of these batteries is to store the energy that solar panels generate for later use. If your solar system lacks batteries, then the solar panel’s excess electricity goes back to the grid. But, on attaching batteries with the panels, you can use the stored electricity whenever you need it the most.

How Does It Work?

When you harness the energy of the sun using solar panels, you depend less on electricity providers and the national grid. As a result, your electricity bills are reduced to a great extent.

But, there is a catch here. What happens to the solar energy that your solar panel produces in excess of your requirement? This excess power is returned to the grid.  The power companies provide credits for that.

Now, the question is, on a cloudy day, how will the solar system meet your electricity needs? Here is where the role of solar batteries comes in. The solar batteries store the surplus electricity that solar panels create and save it for later use, like on a foggy or cloudy day. This way, excess energy gets stored in rechargeable solar batteries instead of going back to the grid. And, you don’t need to rely on the power companies for electricity when the weather is not good or during blackouts or grid outages.

Reasons To Get A Solar Battery

The average electricity bills in Australia have doubled in the last ten years. If the reliance on traditional fossil fuels keeps going on, then the increase in electricity prices is sure to continue. So, as an alternative, a clean energy source, like solar power, can be a good option.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider pairing solar batteries with your home solar system:

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Leverage The Excess Power

As we have already discussed, excess power that your solar system produces goes back to the grid, for which you get a discount on electricity bills. But, why rely on the power companies at all when you have the solution to meet your electricity needs, in the form of solar batteries. 

 If your home solar solution produces ample energy, you can use it when you need it rather than selling it to the grid. This way, you can make the most of your power, control your electricity use, and manage where excess energy goes. With solar batteries, you can become energy independent.

Energy Security and Backup Power

When it comes to energy, the solar battery system allows you to be more flexible.

It is highly useful if you live in an area where the grid is unstable, and you have to experience blackouts. Solar batteries work as a backup power solution, offering power security to support you when the grid goes down.

Also, it is better than the noisy and polluting, conventional gas-guzzling generators. You get an instant power supply through solar batteries and don’t have to buy expensive fuel to power the generator. So, with a solar battery system, you are contributing to reducing noise and air pollution and also getting to save your money, as well as time.

Minimize Carbon Footprint

Installing a solar battery in your home allows you to use clean, renewable energy whenever you want. As a result, you become self-reliant and don’t have to pull energy from the grid, which is usually generated using fossil fuel. So, if you truly want to go green, installing a solar battery system is your best bet.

Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and Home Battery Scheme

One of the biggest reasons most people are switching to solar battery systems is the benefits they get from VPP, Home Battery Scheme (SA), and other government programs.

In brief, VPP can be understood as a network of distributed energy sources that function together as a single power plant. The VPP operators offer a variety of benefits to the households in the form of a discount on solar battery systems, low electricity charges, lease-to-own plans, backup power, and credits on electricity bills.

Final Words

If you own a home solar system, you may already have seen a great reduction in your electricity bills. But, you can reduce these bills even more by pairing solar batteries to your solar system. Through this, your electricity demand on the grid will be reduced by up to 75%, resulting in saving loads of money on electricity bills.

So, if you are interested in saving your hard-earned money and want to contribute to preserving the environment, you can contact Sunburn Solar for solar batteries and solar panels installation in Melbourne.    

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