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Bill Information

The recommended estimated savings and solar system are based on the data you have provided us. The result is just an estimate and should only be considered a guide as it does not weigh the personal circumstances. Besides, your exact savings may differ based on factors such as the angle and direction of your roof, your location, weather conditions, any shading or blocking, the government incentives, energy provider's rate, and your energy consumption.

The following assumptions were considered for the estimations:

  1. CPI increase of 3% p.a.
  2. Feed in tariff of 11.80 cents per kWh.
  3. Actual north aspect at an angle of 22 degrees.

The calculated savings produced by this calculator are estimations only and are not expected to be relied upon for decision-making purposes.

If anyone is planning to rely on the above calculation estimates, its application must be analysed depending on one's circumstances.

Other than what cannot be excluded at law, Sunburn solar is not accountable for any direct or indirect loss, damage, or claim connected with or produced by the usage of this calculator.

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