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The Importance of Selecting a Local Solar Installers

Choosing solar is a big decision, and there are many others to think about. While it may appear daunting at first, the numerous benefits of a home solar system — energy independence, lower utility bills, and environmental benefits — make it all worthwhile. However, as a solar customer, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is whether to go with a large national installation or a local solar installers near you.

Both options may have benefits and drawbacks. However, as a local Brendale solar company, we’re here to explain why going with a local provider can benefit you in a variety of ways.

Increased Value

The potential return on investment is one of the most significant benefits of going solar. Saving money is something that everyone desires. The cost of solar panel systems, on the other hand, can make the prospect of investing in them seem daunting, but prices are much lower these days.

According to Australian Energy Council (AEC) research, large solar installers — those who installed more than 1,000 systems per year — offered rates that were 10% higher than local solar installers.

The following are some of the factors that contribute to the disparity, according to the report:


  • Price behaviour that is more consistent
  • It is preferable to set prices to ensure a minimum return.
  • In developing markets, large corporations can earn a premium.
  • Pricing is more likely to be determined by aspirations for market share.


  • Price behaviour that is more varied
  • Enhanced sensitivity to market and policy changes
  • Pricing is more likely to be influenced by cash flow objectives.
  • Fair pricing (i.e., a price that is reasonable for the client) is more likely to be mentioned as a critical price determinant.


If you hire a national solar panel installer, you may be gambling on the quality of your solar project. Large corporations must frequently meet higher profit margins. As a result, they may use lower-cost, lower-quality materials to maximize profit. Local solar companies, on the other hand, frequently take a different approach to pricing – we want you to be happy with both the cost and the quality of your installation!

Because their work is more personal to them, local solar panels installation in Melbourne service providers are more likely to take pride in it. Because of their high-quality materials, installation personnel, and customer satisfaction standards, they always give you their all. They will get to know you from the beginning of your solar project and will be there for you until the very end, as well as in the future. They are concerned about your satisfaction.

And a smaller company’s reputation in the community is just as important as its clients’ satisfaction. A national installer, on the other hand, might not care about a local reputation… Everything is available to local installers.


When you work with a local solar company, you will receive a solar system that is completely customized to your home. Unlike national solar installers, which may be more interested in applying a cookie-cutter solar solution in order to complete the least amount of work, your local solar company will collaborate with you to design the best solar system for your needs.

And this is true for the life of your system, not only for the duration of the installation. A good local solar provider will establish a long-term relationship with you.

Additionally, choosing a local business ensures that you will not be working with a “middleman” in your solar installation. While larger solar companies may have multiple departments and employees, your local solar company may only have a few dedicated employees. That means you’ll be working with the same people from start to finish, removing many communication barriers.


By hiring a local solar company for your solar installation project, you are supporting a local business and your community. Local business support has always been a good idea. Nonetheless, the coronavirus epidemic has made it even more critical as local businesses struggle to stay afloat in the face of a collapsing national economy.

Choosing to hire local businesses guarantees that your money stays in your neighbourhood, strengthening the local economy. Much like your neighbourhood, solar company sees their work as an investment in the community, producing green, renewable energy and lower power costs for our neighbours. They can reinvest that money in the community in a variety of ways.

Furthermore, many local solar companies get their components from other local businesses, so your impact is doubled. 

There are plenty of solar companies available in Australia, but if you are looking for the most experienced solar panel installation company near you to install a solar panel system, contact Sunburn Solar near you.

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