Is Your Business Suitable for Solar Installation?

‘You have to use it to believe it’ sounds like a perfect cliché for Commercial solar installations. Ever since the technology has floated in the market, there are hoards of misunderstandings and myths associated with it. For instance, it is a complex task to get these panels installed, and that they are meant only for large scale businesses.

But the truth is far from what a lot of people believe! Solar Installations, whether residential or commercial, have several advantages. Yes, they require some investment, but the returns can be reaped over the years!

Also, it would be wrong to conclude that they are an ideal choice just for large businesses. Solar installations are an excellent choice for any business that uses electricity—which is vital for all businesses. Businesses using electricity for production, computing, lights, and HVAC can save beyond expectations with solar system investments.

Advantages of Commercial Solar Installations

Before you spring up the big question of whether the commercial solar installation is the right choice for your business or not, here are some of its advantages you should be aware of:

  • Cost reduction, energy savings, or dramatic reduction in the power bills is the major advantage of solar installations.
  • You do not just get the financial advantage, but your business is also regarded as environmentally responsible’ by your customers.
  • Several state and federal governments give rebates and incentives to businesses opting for solar power.
  • The real advantage starts for the business once it starts to get free energy as a return on investment. This generally happens in three years.
  • Having solar panel system installed in your business premises will immediately increase its value. This is just like an investment that you are making to your existing asset.
  • We all know the prices of electricity will only see a rising trend. With this knowledge, solar installations are like investments made towards the future.

How do I know if my business is suitable for Solar Panel Installation?

  • If you are doubtful whether to take the plunge or not, here’s what you need to know.
  • If your business relates to any of these, commercial solar installation is the thing for you
  • If your business involves managing different locations with large rooftops, installing solar panels is easier.
  • If operating your business requires a large load of energy.
  • If your business aims at reducing the electricity usage locally.
  • If your business can take advantage of solar panels installations in its marketing campaigns to make an impact on its customers.
  • If your business aims to save all the possible expenditures (including inflated power bills), they can be channelized to necessary departments such as operations and personnel.
  • If you are in Australia and your business is operational in any of the states known for high electric bills. According to a survey, South Australia is the most expensive state, followed by New South Wales. On the contrary, Queensland and Victoria are among the states known to have the most economical energy.

It is undeniable for the small and medium business owners to wonder if Commercial Solar Installation is meant for them since oftentimes, it is a choice made by large business corporations.

In reality, even though solar installations require large investments, their benefits are multifold, and the decision leads to saving a lot of money for the companies.

Yes, the project requires some upfront payment because of which it is not a very popular option among the start-ups. However, it can be an excellent choice for all kinds of businesses—small or medium, or even non-profit organizations considering all the savings that follow in the years to come.

Businesses aiming expansion

Commercial Solar Installation is a great choice for businesses that are eyeing expansion in the near future. This is because it takes care of many additional expenses such as utility bills or growth-related other expenditures such as higher electric bills due to increased requirements. It is a great idea to strategize the installation well and combine it with structural developments or infrastructure building, especially if it involves roof repairs.

The Final Word

If you are ready to scrap high electricity bills once and for all and you think your business is in a position to bear an upfront expenditure, you must not think twice before investing in our Commercial Solar range! Do call us on 1300 673 166 to get the best professional services at the most competitive price.

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