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Is Commercial Solar Power a Low-Risk Investment for Businesses?

Solar is one of the easiest investments an organization can make, yielding massive long-term gains, at a time when companies are searching for as many savings as they can to lower their operating costs. While several small and medium-sized businesses are still figuring out how solar energy will benefit them, more than a hundred Fortune 500 firms have already seen substantial benefits from commercial solar power. Because commercial solar panles is not only the easiest investment, but they benefit from so many other government policies that are highly encouraging. To name a few, here are the main perks that government provides.   

1. Reduced Energy Bills

It’s impossible to predict running expenses and you never know what the future holds. But When you install solar panels, estimating the energy bill gets a lot easier. With a commercial solar panel device that significantly cuts your electricity costs, you won’t have to worry about volatile and wildly fluctuating energy bills per month.

2. Solar Rebate

The tax benefits of switching to solar electrical energy are likely to be the most significant gain. The move to renewable, clean, and affordable solar energy is supported by local, state, and federal governments. To reflect their support, they offer some tax cuts and financial assistance.

3. Instant Asset Write Off

The Federal Government’s Instant Asset Tax Write-Off cap has now been lifted, making it more appealing to install solar in your commercial properties than ever. Companies with a revenue of up to $500 million will also take advantage of the Instant Asset Write Off on sales of up to $150,000. The extension will be in effect until June 30, 2020.

4. Accelerated Depreciation 

The government is also speeding up depreciation deductions with a 15-month spending bonus. Businesses with a turnover of less than $500 million will be entitled to subtract a further 50% of an asset’s expense in the year it is acquired until June 30, 2021. 

5. Business Green Approach

The opportunity to advertise your exposure to renewable sources to your customers is one of the most attractive facets of commercial solar panels. This gives a clear message about your commitment to environmental sustainability. You’ll make a huge impact on your staff, clients, owners, neighbors, and others as they learn that you’re going green or see the panels for themselves. Going solar not only benefits the world, but it can also change how your community perceives your company. 

6. STC Solar Incentive

In the Melbourne metropolitan area, the Federal Government’s STC Solar Incentive is now paying around $50,270 against the expense of a 99.9kw solar panel, or around 30% of the overall cost to install solar. Some rural regions might have more. To check your solar incentive eligibility, click here

Such additional incentives are great news for companies that are already invested in renewables, as they increase the tax gains! As solar power is not only a green energy technology that delivers fantastic cost savings and environmentally friendly outcomes, but it is also a low-risk economic investment that all companies should be acting on, thanks to flexible financing opportunities, government incentives, and tangible taxable benefits. 

Does your commercial property also need solar power? At Sunburn Solar, we provide our commercial customers with a variety of financing solutions that can help them overcome the challenges that can prevent them from moving forward with solar power installation.  

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