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Do Homes With Solar Panels Sell Faster?

Are you looking for ways to sell your home faster and finding options to add some value to your property prior to selling it? Well, adding a pool or garage may seem good to add value to the home, but a better option is also there in the form of solar energy. Solar energy is amongst those prominent topics which are discussed globally. Even Australians are emphasizing more on it with the benefit of reduced electricity charges and affluence of sunny days in Australia. As per the reports of various studies solar-powered homes sell much faster than the properties without them. So, the investment best solar panels in Victoria could be a great option to make your property stand out in the market and get a competitive edge while selling your home.

Faster Sale Of Homes With Solar Panels

Today, the use of renewable energy is on the mind of every Australian. Every other person is searching for energy efficient homes. According to the report of a Real Estate Survey of Australia, more than 85% of people agreed to the fact that having solar panels in the property adds value to it, and they are willing to pay more for it. Other studies revealed that with each kW of solar panel installed, there can be a rise of up to $6000 in value of your property. In general, it is seen that solar energy setup in a property can add value of up to 3% to 4% to the property. One of the major factors that influence the value-added through a solar panel is the size or number of it. The greater the size or number of solar panels on your property, the greater the value-added. In addition to the size, other factors relating to a solar system that affects the value are:

  • Wattage capacity
  • Material’s durability
  • Quality
  • Positioning
  • Inverter’s efficiency
  • Provider’s reputation

Today, the Australian market is flooded with solar panel companies. According to the Clean Energy Report 2018 released by Clean Energy Council, Victoria’s energy generation was 16% renewable in 2017, which can increase to 25% in 2020 and even more in 2021. With such big targets and a great demand for residential solar panels Victoria and residential solar panels Melbourne, various solar companies in Melbourne, like Sunburn Solar, are giving their best to serve the demand.

Why Do Properties With Solar Panel Systems Sell Faster?

Here are some of the reasons that why people are looking for properties with solar panels:

Reduction in Energy Cost

It is right to say that solar power adds more value to your home than any other high-end investment or improvement. It is because every device or everything today consumes energy, and if you are offering a reduced electricity bill through solar energy, who would say no to your property. Potential buyers of your home will see solar panels as a favourable point to buy the property.

Australians Are Preferring To Go Solar

With the growing public awareness and ample sunlight at disposal in Australia, people are now emphasizing more on renewable energy. Water heater systems powered by solar energy are something people have already adopted for quite some time. But now, the use of solar panels on the roof is also increasing rapidly. According to the latest surveys, around 21% of Australians are using renewable energy in their home in some way or another. This makes another point favouring solar systems as selling criteria for properties.

Eco Friendly Source

With the recent global campaigns to switch to renewable energy sources, people are getting more inclined to go green. So, in addition to reduced electricity costs, decreased carbon footprints is another reason for people to purchase a solar-powered property.

Tax Rebates

We all know that solar energy is environmentally friendly and also reduces or, in some cases, eliminates electricity bills. But, the government also provides benefits to house owners who are going green using best solar panels Melbourne by giving them tax rebates and credits.

Appraised Property Valuation And Increased Rental

People now perceive homes with solar panels as more valuable than standard property. With this view, property buyers are willing to pay more for solar-powered homes. As per the report from Origin Energy, around 57% of the homeowners are willing to pay up to $10,000 more for the property equipped with a solar system. It was also published in the same report that 55% of the renters are willing to pay up to $10 a week more for the rented property having a solar energy system.


Whether you are thinking of selling your home right now or in the future, solar energy can turn out to be a sound investment. With the increasing electricity charges and scarce sources of energy, the future is all about renewable energy. So, installing a solar panel, in the long run, can prove to be a beneficial factor in upscaling the value of the property and selling it quickly.

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