Residential Solar

Sunburn Solar offers a standard set of components are used in the solar system. The quality and performance of the solar system completely depend on the quality of the components.

At Sunburn Solar, we have a vast experience of the solar power system and that’s why we are aware of every component and their value in the system. That’s why we give full attention to these components while installing a solar power system at your residence.

Most of the people consider panels and inverter as the most important components in solar power systems, but there are plenty of other important components are working with the same priority in the solar power systems such as safety switches, the mounting kit, etc. Railings, clip locks, and other mounting kit components are some of the other important ones.

Solar power system installation is a long term investment, so you will surely get the return in the future. At Sunburn Solar, we understand your requirements first and provide you the best solution. We take care of all the components and install a solar power system with care.

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Commercial Solar

Reliable solar power solutions for businesses and corporates. For any business, reducing the cost of overheads is the most important thing. We don’t help you with other things but we can surely decrease the electricity bills of your company with our reliable commercial solar power installation.

Invest in Commercial Solar System to save big on electricity bills. This is the most environmentally friendly solution as well. The commercial solar investment will surely provide you the best return in the long run. And after 5-7 years, you will get the free power, once your system would have paid itself off.

Sunburn Solar offers best solar power solution as per your business needs. We think about the ROI of your business and provide you the best possible solar power solution. On the other side, you will also contribute to the wellbeing of our planet by switching to
solar power.

Need solar power system for your business?
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Solar Battery Storage

Solar power completely depends on the sunlight and you can’t get the solar power available all the time. In such kind of situations, homeowners cannot cut ties with utilities completely. And the way through which you can double the ratio by using electricity produced at midday to fulfill high demand in the evening is a really expensive one.

And these things lead to change. New technologies come in the market at a rapid speed and the competition is also increasing day by day. To run the business in this competition, many solar providers are providing storage systems with the solar power system installation.

To decrease the costs of lead technology, Lithium-ion battery suppliers are following every step. Lead-ion battery is the best solution available nowadays compared to lead-acid batteries because you can get the more storage of energy in less space That’s why lithium technology is still costly compared to its lead counterpart. The combination of photovoltaic & solar battery is the most economic solution.

For more information regarding solar battery storage, feel free to call us on 1300 673 166.