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What are the Signs to Upgrade your Rooftop Solar PV?

There are some things you notice and some things you don’t when you purchase a home. It can be challenging to determine if your home has a subpar rooftop or Rooftop Solar PV unless you’re an expert in the area. There are a few signs, nevertheless, that hint at poor conditions. It could be time to upgrade your rooftop solar PV system if you experience any of these warning signs. If your home was built before 1978, there is a possibility that it contains asbestos, paint containing lead, or other potentially hazardous materials. These can be quite harmful to your health and prevent you from mounting solar panels system on the roof without first undergoing extensive upgrades. In spite of the fact that your home does not fall into any of these categories, it is still in your best interest to upgrade the solar photovoltaic (PV) system that is located on your roof.

Your Roof Is Deteriorating.

  • It’s not just your house that’s at risk if your roof is deteriorating. Solar panels systems may be harmed by falling shingles. Even worse, they might drop to the ground and hurt any nearby people or vehicles.
  • You’ll probably experience leakage problems if you have significant patches of missing shingles, missing pieces, or minor holes and cracks. Your solar panels may experience major problems if water enters your rooftop.
  • You would have to replace them, which would mean going without electricity for a period. It is best to get your rooftop inspected before adding solar panels. Before installing your solar panels, you can address any issues you uncover.
  • Even while your roof may appear to be in good shape, it’s vital to remember that the condition of your roof only reflects the quality of your shingles.
  • How well solar panels function will also be influenced by the roof’s underlying structure. The weight of solar panels might not be supported by an ancient roof.

Your Roof Has A Dreary Or Dull Grey Colour.

  • Your rooftop faces north, south, or east if it is already dark or tepid grey in colour. Your solar panels are in the best possible situation since they can capture a lot of sunshine all year long in this situation.
  • You have lots of room to install solar panels if your rooftop has wide, big, tepid grey regions. 
  • Your roof isn’t the best place for solar panels if it has a broad, open area but is a dark colour. The solar panels installation in Victoria in such cases could be somewhat more challenging, but it’s still possible that it could be done. You may want to find a way to bring that dark colour up to match the rest of the roof if certain areas of your roof are lukewarm grey while the rest is a dark colour.
  • There are a few various routes you might take to achieve this goal. To keep the sun off the roof, you can paint it a dark colour or cover it with a dark tarp.
  • The area of the roof that is already tepid grey can also be covered with a light-blocking shade cloth. Keep in mind that you want your dark colour to blend in as closely as possible with the rest of your rooftop.

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You Don’t Have Sunlight or Dark Exposure

  • You’ll have a tremendously difficult time to install solar panels if your roof doesn’t face any direction that receives sunlight. The greatest thing you can do, short of locating a new rooftop, is to cover your current rooftop with light-blocking shades.
  • Sunscreen, tarps, or paint can be used to block the sun, transforming a light roof into a dark roof. Your roof still receives some level of light exposure even if it never receives direct sunlight.
  • Utilize a light meter in order to get an accurate reading of the amount of light that penetrates your roof. Rooftop Solar panels do not perform well if they receive fewer than eight hours of direct sunlight every day.
  • Many Solar panels companies might deny and say that you can’t have a solar panels PV System installed in such conditions but Solar panels can still be made out of it, though. It simply implies that you’ll need to add shade textiles to filter off the sun.

On The Roof Are Electrical Outlets.

  • You might have outlets on your rooftop if your home has a history of electrical problems or has been around for a while. Because their homes weren’t properly connected for electricity, many homeowners had to build rooftop outlets.
  • Since there isn’t enough room for solar panels, this may be a problem. This can be fixed by removing the rooftop plugs and setting up a new electrical box.
  • Your rooftop’s edge, where the solar panels will be put, should be close to this box. Solar panels on your rooftop will need to be moved in order to make way for the new electrical box if they currently exist.

When You’re Inside, You Can Hear A Constant Buzzing Sound.

  • You might experience a persistent humming sound inside if your rooftop is near a body of water, such as a lake or river. The vibrations produced by the water are what are making this humming sound.
  • By putting acoustic tiles on your rooftop, you can take action to lessen the vibrations. You can also replace the metal surface on your rooftop with a non-metallic surface made of concrete or asphalt.
  • As an alternative, you could move the water source. Rooftop solar panels may experience electromagnetic interference due to metal roofs.
  • If your roof is made of metal, you can lessen this by adding a layer of non-conductive material, such as a layer of rubber, between the metal roof and the solar panels. The solar panels can also be moved away from the metal roof.

Bird Poop Is Visible On Rooftop Solar PV

  • Bird droppings on your rooftop are a sign that birds like to perch there and build their nests. The best solution for this is to place a layer of rubber between the birds and the rooftop.
  • Unfortunately, this might require you to remove the solar panels in order to install the rubber. The existing solar panels can be covered with a rubber mat, or you can simply remove them, swap them out for new ones, and then cover those with the rubber.
  • You might have to completely replace the rooftop if the bird droppings have damaged it. Any solar panels that are damaged may also need to be replaced.


Rooftops are a great place to install rooftop solar panels PV systems, but not all rooftop solar PV systems are created equal. Solar panels work well on metal, concrete, or asphalt shingle roofs. Solar panels are not a good fit for other surfaces, like a wooden roof. Make sure your rooftop is a good surface for solar panels if you want to install rooftop solar panels PV systems

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