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Things to Look for When Buying a Solar Battery for Solar Panels System

It can be trickier than you might have thought to choose the ideal solar battery for the solar system as per your needs.

This is primarily due to the fact that several solar batteries have been created for various applications.

Here are the key elements that will help you understand what you want and need in order to help you narrow down your options for the battery type that will work best with your solar energy system.

1. Safety Of Solar Batteries

Lithium iron phosphate battery technology, or LFP, is now the safest. These are extremely stable and cannot overheat. As lead solar batteries grew older, they were more likely to develop leaks. There is no such drawback with lithium ion batteries, which makes them safer and more reliable in the long run.

2. Battery Capacity, The Amount Of Power It Can Hold

One of three elements that contribute to the solution to that query is battery capacity. How much energy the solar battery can store is referred to as capacity. The range of the capacity is 1kWh to 20kWh. You can also purchase modular battery systems, which allow you to connect many batteries to achieve the capacity you need. If your system is configured to function in such a condition, having more capacity means you can store more energy, which theoretically means the batteries will last longer over the course of the night or during a power outage. But there are other aspects that affect a battery’s lifespan as well.

3. The Amount Of Energy A Battery Can Discharge

Power controls how much of the energy that is stored by capacity can be utilised at once. Despite having a large battery storage capacity, a low power rating limits how much energy may be used at once. You can operate more systems and appliances simultaneously in your home if you have more power. You can run more appliances for a longer period of time when high power and high capacity are coupled.

4. Depth Of Discharge (Dod), Or The Amount Of Usable Stored Energy

The battery has to work significantly harder to build its energy store back up after completely draining it. As a result, batteries have a “depth of discharge” that indicates how much energy they can utilise before being deemed “empty” and needing to refuel.

An extremely cheap battery that appears to have a large capacity and power rating might be found. However, if its depth of discharge is only 60% when installed, you won’t ever consume a significant amount of its capacity. Therefore, it isn’t truly a good deal. The majority of the most effective solar batteries in 2022 have extremely high depths of discharge.

The battery lasts longer each day when the depth of discharge is higher.

5. What About Cycles? Another Technique Of Defining Battery Longevity

Cycles and discharge depth are tightly related. Every time a battery depletes its energy and then recharges, a cycle is created. For solar batteries, this typically occurs every day since the excess energy that was stored during the day is used up at night.

The amount of battery capacity that will be utilised during each cycle can be thought of as the depth of discharge.

Additionally, you can consider the number of cycles as the number of years your battery will operate at a satisfactory level. A typical solar battery should last between 3,000 and 5,000 cycles.

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6. Warranty For Solar Batteries

All batteries lose depth of discharge with time. Consequently, a normal solar battery warranty is good for ten years. Even if the battery will continue to function after that, the warranty is designed to ensure a minimum depth of discharge for at least that duration.

How to Pick Your Ideal Solar Battery

You should think about what you want from your solar batteries. Decide which of the aforementioned variables will enable you to do that. Find batteries with those qualities and degrees of performance from there. Once you have a list of options that meet your criteria, you can start thinking about price.

Do you want to be able to use solar batteries to power solar panels systems at your entire house, say during a power outage?

Not every battery is designed for this use. And some claim that solar battery storage cannot make such a guarantee. For instance, if the power goes out, you may need to turn off some appliances, such as your air conditioner or hot water heater, and rely solely on your battery supply to operate your lights, freezer, and other essential appliances.

On the other hand, how your home is built will also affect this. A 1000 square foot home can be entirely powered by solar batteries more easily than a 3000 square foot residence. Still, how many days have passed? It will be more difficult to maintain this the longer the power loss lasts.

For this reason, the majority of individuals purchase solar battery storage system, not so they can survive a power loss but rather so they may save as much money as possible.


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