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The Benefits of Installing a Commercial Solar Energy System in 2023

Among the renewable energy industries with the strongest growth rates globally over the last decade is solar energy, which is steadily gaining traction in nations like Australia. Australia receives a lot of sunshine because of its closeness to the equator, which increases its capacity to produce sufficient solar energy to power the entire country. Furthermore, the move towards renewable and environmentally friendly sources like solar is being pushed by government subsidies for commercial solar energy as well as growing public awareness of greener and cleaner options in an effort to combat climate change along with global warming’s negative consequences.

Ideal Market Scenario For Solar Energy

The Solar industry is currently at its peak, making it the ideal option for Australian residents and companies alike. A survey claims that Australia’s solar capacity is expected to increase to 80 GW by 2030, which surpasses the worldwide average, according to the report. The sector is expanding as a result of the growing use of commercial solar energy systems in Melbourne. Business owners all throughout the country are fast realizing the advantages of solar power. Businesses that use solar energy will profit the most in the long haul since it is a stable, long-term investment, and it lowers operating expenses, among other advantages.

Why It’s The Best Time For Businesses To Switch To Solar?

The Annual Decline In The Value Of STCs

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) lower the initial cost of a solar system installation in Victoria by about 30%–35% for solar power systems up to 100kW. For STCs to be legitimate, the Clean Energy Regulator states that they must be created within a period of one year after the system’s installation. In addition, the regulatory authority stated that the deeming period for those solar panel systems that are installed in the year 2023 will be shortened to a maximum of 9 years and will continue to shorten until the programme is phased out at the end of 2030. This simply indicates that there will be a decrease in the number of certificates that may be issued for a qualifying system. Therefore, it’s better to invest in commercial solar energy systems in Melbourne for businesses as soon as you can to enjoy these advantages.

Over Time, System Costs May Vary

Although the overall cost of solar systems in Melbourne is now inexpensive, based on numerous variables such as the manufacturer or place of origin, the cost of equipment may rise in the future. Therefore, now is the perfect moment to go solar for your business.

Businesses Can Receive Limited Government Rebates

Most of the government incentives that provide a decrease in the cost of solar power systems have a limited value is another crucial argument in favor of business organizations adopting solar power in Melbourne. Victoria-based companies interested in going solar may take advantage of $3500 in government incentives for doing so. After the first 5,000 refunds are distributed, the revised rebate value can reach $1,750. Consequently, improve business processes and invest in solar to maximize the benefits of current incentives.

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Insufficient Grid Capacity

The demand for energy is anticipated to rise each year, which will put more strain on the grid as more people and companies need electricity. However, if a business decides to go solar, it will become energy independent and be able to feed any extra electricity back into the grid.

Make Money Off The Solar Energy You Produce

When surplus solar energy produced by businesses is put back into the grid, it is referred to as “feed-in tariffs” (FiTs). The power bill credits these. Consider CEC-approved solar retailers like Sunburn Solar when purchasing a business solar system to get the most out of it.

Future-Focused Choice

By switching to solar energy, a business becomes future-proof and is protected from practically any unforeseen event. Solar is seen as a long-term investment that may assist an organization weather a variety of long-term difficulties.

Flexible Terms And Alternatives For Payments

Flexible payment plans are a great way to spread out monthly payments and provide business owners with the option of paying off the solar power system with the money they save on their power bills.

Become Environmentally Responsible

Solar energy is an excellent choice for businesses since it is environmentally beneficial. By producing its own emission-free power, a business can contribute to the environment, giving business owners peace of mind.

Green Certifications

The majority of Australian customers today are increasingly focused on making purchases from companies that show they care about people, communities, and the environment. Solar will enhance brand recognition and provide companies with a reputation for being environmentally responsible. Become the clear alternative for clients in a market where conventional, polluting sources of power are still prevalent.

Stimulating Job Creation Opportunities

By generating new employment in the area, business owners that choose solar energy may help boost the economy. The installation of the solar system on a commercial location is carried out by local installers and professional solar companies in Melbourne who are CEC-accredited like Sunburn Solar. In addition, businesses may fulfill their social obligation by offering individuals who may have struggled during the epidemic and wish to rebuild their lives in 2023 a chance.


Switching to Commercial solar energy is a wise investment for businesses looking to save on costs, be environmentally responsible, and secure their future. With government rebates and declining STCs, the time to switch is now. If you’re based in Victoria, don’t miss out on the opportunity to go solar in 2023. Partner with Sunburn Solar, a CEC-approved solar retailer, to make the most out of your investment in commercial solar panels.

We recognize that every choice a business owner makes on the direction of their organization is made after careful study, and we concur that any resources put into its expansion should provide long-term gains. Additionally, it becomes much more crucial to establish such a business so that it can endure uncertain times. Therefore, now is the best moment to switch to solar energy; set 2023 as the year of solar for businesses!

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