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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Solar Panels

Due to the orientation of their roof, many think Solar panels system is inefficient for their home. Making the best decision to buy solar panels depends on your understanding of how solar power is generated. With the assistance of a trustworthy Solar panels installation, of course, you can never go wrong.

Reasons People Make Mistake While Choosing Solar Panels

1. Not Knowing The Proper Size For The Solar Panels System

The size of the system is determined by two things:

  • Your financial flexibility.
  • How much power your house or place of business needs.

Watts or kilowatts will be used to measure the size of your solar power system. Its max output, which is shown by the number, indicates how much electricity it can produce during peak hours on a clear, sunny day.

Your most recent electricity statement should include the total number of kilowatt hours that you have consumed over the course of the past four quarters. You may calculate how much power you use annually by adding the four quarters prior.

2. Looking Forward To Much Cheaper Solar Batteries

Solar batteries have long been associated with the wealthy and it’s no secret why. The world has changed, though. Advocates of Solar batteries storage systems postponed purchasing solar since they have gotten more affordable. They intend to defer their decision until Solar batteries storage systems become the most affordable they have ever been. The current period, while solar discounts and buyback programmes are still available, is the optimum time to get solar.

3. Insufficient Quote Research

It’s quite obvious what this error is. As many installers and stores as you can contact. Getting many quotes takes time, but it is totally worth it. Customers that shop with Sunburn Solar which is among the best Solar panels companies can get free quotes. Additionally, we can help you with financing. However, we also advise getting an offer from different suppliers so you can determine which has the best offer in this manner. Additionally, you’ll be aware of the dubious businesses offering inflated systems and services.

4. Not Paying Enough Attention To The Installer

When buying a car or a home, we’re confident that you conduct thorough research. You consider your options carefully before deciding. When purchasing a solar panels system, you ought to put in the same amount of work. You should stay away from installers that just talk to potential customers and don’t want to answer your inquiries.

Observe the installer’s website and peruse the client testimonials there. Before making a decision, Google the firm and contact a representative. There are many choices available to you, so it’s crucial that you conduct independent research before making a decision. Sunburn Solar which is one of the most reputed among Solar panels companies can  patiently and completely respond to any of your inquiries. We ask that you get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can get started.

5. Knowing Nothing About Australian Consumer Protection Laws

The law is in your favour as a consumer. Simply being aware of these safeguards is all that is required. If you have solar panels and an inverter, for instance, you are entitled to the whole warranty. Never fall for the installer’s con when they suggest servicing the Solar panels about once per year. If you follow the manufacturer’s and the installer’s directions, your warranty is still valid.

Solar panels maintenance is necessary, although not yearly or even twice a year. It most likely needs maintenance once every five years if you are confident in the quality of your system. You can keep the warranty because there aren’t any ongoing Solar panels maintenance costs. Warranty coverage is automatically provided to customers and is valid for the specified time frame.

You should be aware that the manufacturer offers three different types of warranties, including:

  • Workmanship Panel’s guarantees
  • Inverter warranties
  • Performance

Inverters should have a 10-year warranty, and solar panels should have one as well, at least of 10 years. For the purposes of racking and cabling, workmanship should last five years or less.

6. Calculating Your Solar Rebate Incorrectly

Homeowners are aware that they can receive rebates if they use solar power to power their residence, which is a way to conserve electricity. But the majority of consumers are unaware of the exact benefits they might receive in exchange for investing in solar energy.

It is not an excuse to be ignorant of rebates, specifically how to compute your paybacks, even though they can be complicated. While setting the feed-in tariff, the state government works with the federal government to provide a solar rebate.

Due to these paybacks, consumers believe they can:

Get rid of paying electricity bills by purchasing a system that is the right size for their house or place of business. The payment for the electricity they return to the grid will be made in the form of a check.

Benefits are limited to those that are stated on their electricity bill. Many users are confused by the two aforementioned points. The information on the solar buyback programme is available here for residents of Victoria.

7. The Solar System Not Being Future-Proofed

For the next 25 years, at the very least, the solar system should be helpful for your house or place of business. Your power requirements can fluctuate during the next few years. The ability to connect your system to Solar batteries storage may be available, but you should still exercise caution when making any decisions.

In the coming years, your solar system may alter, and Sunburn Solar can assist you understand this development. Please get in touch with us right away so that we can help you avoid the aforementioned blunders and ensure that your home or business has the most effective solar system possible. Speak to Sunburn Solar’s professionals so they can help you.

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