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How Commercial Solar Can Be The perfect Choice For Your Business

Solar panels for your office, warehouse, or other commercial structure may appear dangerous. The idea needs to be clarified. You may have heard about big firms going solar. You think your organization needs to find a way to afford a solar system despite the benefits.

Commercial solar is available to all businesses. No matter if you run a Fortune 500, medium, or startup. The benefits aren’t limited to malls or internet giants. Solar power systems are useful; therefore, many firms profit from them. A solar power system may be a strategic investment that ensures a return on investment for the company.

Who Can Use Solar System?

Solar benefits all businesses because everyone uses electricity. Solar systems can power lighting, computers, HVAC, and production. Solar panels minimize utility bills.

Solar works for everyone, but is it ideal for your business?

Let us answer this question by looking at certain facts about using solar systems.

Some facts about solar systems:

  • It requires buying panels along with additional hardware.
  • Solar saves businesses money. Instead of paying expensive electricity costs, they want to spend on staff and operations.
  • Companies that handle large rooftops can install solar panels easily.
  • Solar installations help your company offset local electricity use.
  • Marketing initiatives can also use solar systems. Customers prefer sustainable enterprises.
  • Solar helps businesses with high energy loads.
  • Solar panel costs are falling as utility rises. Solar panels can benefit the companies above.

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Benefits of Commercial Solar Power Systems for Businesses

Businesses can save money on solar power. Many small and medium businesses believe the system is only for large corporations. On the contrary, solar panel systems may assist your small, medium, or non-profit business. It requires prepayment. Startups may need help with costs.

Solar electricity seems expensive at first. It has several benefits, notably for saving money. Commercial solar is ideal for any business. Commercial solar panels have several benefits.

Energy Savings

Small enterprises operate during daylight. They are currently power-hungry. Companies use over 155,000 gigawatt-hours annually, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It can cost up to $20.2 billion. Smaller companies utilize less, yet solar can cover 60% or more of the electric cost.

It can save a lot over time. Your power bill will show a significant decrease. In net metering areas, you can sell excess power. Solar power batteries store the excess power.

Cost reduction depends on facility size, industry, time of operations, and location. Solar can assist companies that build the correct system size for energy needs. Power generation requires rooftop space and bright sunshine.


Solar gives you several competitive advantages. First, you free up funds for corporate innovation. Second, you can become known as a renewable power business. Customers choose eco-friendly brands. Solar lets you promote sustainability and be a renewable firm.

Solar Incentives

State and federal rebates and incentives help you minimize expenditures. As per the government’s recent release, enterprises with a turnover of less than $2 million could claim asset write-offs on purchases under $20,000. Solar and battery installations purchased during this period are eligible for rebates.

Some of the Small-scale technology certificates (STCs) benefit Australian businesses. These certificates can be redeemed in government-regulated markets for dollars. Sunburn can arrange STCs for a point-of-sale discount on solar systems and installation. Thus, you can avoid market registration and STC sales.

Solar incentives include feed-in tariffs. Your retailer will reimburse your firm for surplus power sent to the grid. Location affects rates and criteria. Perth has a higher feed-in tariff and charge per kWh than Brisbane and Darwin.

ROI within Three Years

Solar power provides free electricity over time. Solar’s major value has been free energy for years. Maintenance is cheap. Solar arrays with 25-year performance warranties are trustworthy.

Business investments should pay off within seven years. Solar systems are faster. Using 25% solar electricity in Victoria, you can recoup your investment in around 3 years. The ROI is exactly three years if you use solar 50% of the time.

Electricity rates will rise for decades. Feed-in tariffs are becoming more attractive. Solar systems’ high output makes for a great ROI.

Value Increased

Roof panels increase property value. Electricity generated on-site will increase the business’s appeal. You can learn how solar panels push property value by contacting a professional providing Solar panels installations in Victoria, Australia. 

Choosing the Right Solar Panel System for Your Business

You can easily calculate the required size of the solar panel by measuring the roof size. The roof space determines solar system size. Your firm needs a power system that limits energy exports. The feed-in tariff may be enticing now. Your local electricity retailer will compensate you for unused power.

Your main goal should be a company energy system that saves energy and money. When choosing the solar panel system for your company, consider solar panel efficiency; an efficient solar panel works longer and requires less maintenance.

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